how to restart photorec session

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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how to restart photorec session

#1 Post by RobJ »


I'm running 6.12 from a PartedMagic rescue disk (Kernel 3.0.4-pmagic). I'm trying to recover photos from an 80GB Seagate IDE drive (/dev/sdc). The program made it part of the way thru and started giving me out of memory messages. I stopped the photorec session, which in turn closed the terminal window that it was running in. I think my problem was that I decided to store the recovered files in the RAM disk instead of an actual hard drive. I was able to copy the 6 recup_dir directories as well as the file that were created on the RAM disk, to a different hdd (/media/sda2/photorec). I'd like to restart the machine, boot into PartedMagic and start the session again. What steps, commands, do I need to use to do this? Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: how to restart photorec session

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Go in the directory where you have put the file (In the terminal/console, use "cd directory_name") and
start photorec, it should ask you if you want to resume the recovery. PhotoRec 6.12 will restart from the beginning of the disk but skip all areas where files have already been recovered. Session restart has been improved in version 6.13.