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by 4and20chars
01 Apr 2012, 10:17
Forum: Partition Recovery
Topic: how to install testdisk?
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how to install testdisk?

Can anyone explain how to install testdisk?
The instructions say:
Under Unix/Linux/BSD, you need to be root to run TestDisk (ie. sudo testdisk-6.9/linux/testdisk_static)

When I type this I get:
command not found

Can anyone please help? Thank you in advance.
Rob M.
by 4and20chars
01 Apr 2012, 10:13
Forum: Partition Recovery
Topic: Problem recovering partition/filesystem
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Re: Problem recovering partition/filesystem

I apologize for butting in on this forum, but can anyone tell me how to post a question without using Post Reply like I am doing here? The instructions in FAQ say: To post a new topic in a forum, click the relevant button on either the forum or topic screens. Where is the button? thanks so much for ...