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Unable to Select folder

Posted: 07 May 2020, 07:29
by kd333
TestDisk 7.0
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Hi, I am trying to use testdisk to undelete a folder and it's contents... the problem I have is the folder resides in a directory which has hundreds of thousands of files around it and I cannot change to the directory I need.

I have attempted to scroll / page down to the bottom of the list view in hope to find the deleted folder but I have been scrolling for quite a while now....

Is there any way perhaps to run testdisk restore from command line?

something like?

testdisk /dev/sda2/root/folder/deleted /mnt/restored

I hope somebody can help me!

Re: Unable to Select folder

Posted: 08 May 2020, 07:16
by cgrenier
You can run testdisk from /mnt/restored.
If testdisk doesn't list the directory, it may be because it is unable to find it. In this case, it's possible to use PhotoRec but it will not recover the original filenames and file structure.
You will have to sort numerous files...