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12TB HDD with Optane Raid crash

Posted: 16 Jun 2020, 19:36
by Mehlsack
hey Guys,

I have a big problem, today my 12TBB Datadump which is connected with an optane drive crashed and dismembered itself...
After removing metadata und uncoupled of the two drives it was clear that a major amount of data is lost.

I started pulling individual Files with the help of Recuva, but found out about testdisk.
Therefore i started a deepscan, showing me the "new" NTFS partition (which idiotically made on the same drive) as well as two old FAT32 LBA partitions.

So far (8% into deepscan) it has not uncovered other partition (or the "real" old NTFS partition) i am looking for. Do you guys think that given the "complex" structure with optane drive and HDD it makes sense to try to rescue using testdisk, or shall i just fall back on using Recuva or something else to "just" pull the files out of there?

Yours sincerely


Re: 12TB HDD with Optane Raid crash

Posted: 17 Jun 2020, 07:32
by cgrenier
TestDisk will only work if the RAID is correct.
If an utility lists your files, it usually safer to use it and backup your data than trying something else and to risk loosing your files for good...