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Cannot open recovered files

Posted: 18 Apr 2012, 14:41
by StuartJames
I have used TestDisk from the Win 6.14 download to copy some deleted JPG and AVI files. The files are on an SD card, and the OS on the machine used is Win7.

I have followed the online documentation, and am satisfied that the recovery process has worked.

The files have been copied, and appear to be the expected size.

However, I cannot open them.

When I attempt to open a JPG file no image is displayed. The program (Win Picture Viewer) used to open the file does not complain about the file, the image is just blank.

When I attempt to open an AVI file, the programs (Win Media Player and VLC) say the file cannot be opened. Win Media Player complains about encoding, and VLC presents an option to repair, but this does nothing.

I have also copied the recovered files from the Win7 machine to a Linux machine.

Attempting to open an AVI there, I am presented with a message saying "Failed to decode JPG". Why JPG? I don't know.

When attempting to open a JPG, no errors are reported, but there is no image displayed.

I have checked the file permissions, and all appears to be OK. I would expect a different set of issues if it were a permission problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am guessing I have screwed something up with the recovery, though I have read the doco, and repeated the process a couple of times and am reasonably confident that the recovery is proceeding as described in the doco.

Perhaps the source files are corrupt on the SD card?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Re: Cannot open recovered files

Posted: 18 Apr 2012, 17:25
by remy
It looks like there's filesystem corruption on your SD card, thus the file pointers doesn't point on the right place. The files extracted are then all corrupted.

If you only have AVI and JPG files to recover, photorec may be here a better solution. Just select these extensions.

Re: Cannot open recovered files

Posted: 18 Apr 2012, 23:13
by StuartJames
I originally used PhotoRec, but did not have much success. I should add that the files I am concerned with have been marked as deleted.

First attempt I searched the whole partition. All JPG files were recovered, yet the size of the files on disk did not look right. When viewed the images were small. Almost like thumbnails. Weird. I guess they are inside the JPGs as they are prefixed with "t" as described in the documentation? Where are the full size images? I'm not sure. No AVIs were recovered, though I did not expect any, because it is my understanding that the whole partition does not include deleted files. Is this correct?

The second attempt, I searched the free partition (unallocated space). A number of JPGs and a single AVI were recovered from here. Same problem - JPGs small. Similar to the files recovered using TestDisk, the AVI could not be decoded. I am not sure why only one AVI was recovered. I expected there to be more. TestDisk shows several more that are deleted (same as the one recovered).

I am confident that the SD card has NOT been written to since the files were originally deleted, so I do not *think* this is the cause of any corruption.

I did not specifically request only JPG and AVI from the "file opt" menu. I used the default settings, which include riff and jpg, amongst a lot of other file types.

I may also try using release 6.13, as I have just noted that 6.14 is beta. Though I do not imagine that this is the problem - I suspect I have some corruption of the SD card filesystem. Or I am doing something wrong. Or it was too late at night. Or all three... I will reread the doco - though this appears to be both comprehensive and straightforward. And have another bash at it. I will report back later tonight.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Cannot open recovered files

Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 08:55
by Fiona
Would it be possible to use TestDisk 6.14-32bit, go to the menu Advanced / Boot and upload a screen.
Use Rebuild BS, then go to List and check, are your files are listed or an error message.
Currently, don't use write nor Repair FAT/NTFS.
It's only intended as a diagnose.


Re: Cannot open recovered files

Posted: 03 Jun 2012, 12:06
by misslazy

I have the same problem.. it did recover the files but as .apple files.. how can I open them? I am actually looking for .NEF files (RAW for Nikon) or jpgs. When I click on the files, at the description says "Photoshop CS4 File" but ending as .apple. And with photoshop I cannot open them either... Changing the name of the file with another ending doesn't work as it says "You have not enough permission for that".

What can I do?
Please help!! they were very important files.. thank you very much!

Re: Cannot open recovered files

Posted: 04 Jun 2012, 20:20
by Fiona
Changing the name of the file with another ending doesn't work as it says "You have not enough permission for that".
I have no idea about your OS.
Did you already try to take ownership?
It's depend on your windows version.
Please have a try to right click a file and properties / securitiy
Some infos about it; ... windows-7/
Just test it.
If you still run into problems, please let me know.