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Undelete from Mac boot drive

Posted: 23 May 2014, 11:59
by SandyCooke

The app Image Capture on my Mac has managed* to delete two folders containing ~2000 jpgs from my boot drive. When I select the drive in Testdisk I am told that "Write access for this media is not available", despite choosing not to create a log. When I continue through to "Filesystem Utils" there is no option to "Undelete". I have a USB drive attached to the computer that is recognised by Photorec and am happy to undelete to this destination but I do not appear to have this option. I thought it wise to ask for advice before restarting or attempting to boot from another drive in case this lowered the odds of a successful recovery.


p.s. Thank you for what you do!

* the long version, if relevant - Image Capture has been importing to a folder named 002 within another named 6d, on the Desktop. I renamed 6d to 6D and clicked import. Image Capture reported that certain files could not be imported. When I checked in the Finder, the folder 6D had been filled with an apparently random selection of files from its previous contents. Cue much panic. :shock:

Re: Undelete from Mac boot drive

Posted: 28 May 2014, 07:17
by cgrenier
When PhotoRec ask you where to save your files, navigate to the /Volumes directory. Your external disk should be listed here.