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Reading/Accessing Files results

Posted: 27 Apr 2015, 17:28
by Mark
I've looked at the step by step instructions and am not sure how to use results. I ran a new system image and after found that all my files werent backed up so thats how i lost them.

I ran PhotoRec and it put a bunch of files in 7 recup_dir folders. I am mainly looking for a few word and excel files. The files all start with f and a number, i.e. f97570824 and have the type of of file. How/what is the best way to figure out what these files are and if the one I'm looking for is there. If I try and open a file that says its a word file with word a conversion box opens up and if I go through that the file that Word opens is gibrish. Same thing with note pad.

Could you tell me how I go through these files to find what out what they are?

Thank You

Re: Reading/Accessing Files results

Posted: 29 Apr 2015, 07:40
by Fiona
Did you run the latest version testdisk (PhotoRec) 7?
You can use PhotoRec / FileOpt.
Pressing s will deselect all file types.
Please mark only these file types which you'd like to recover.
Run another scan again.