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0bytes Copied File

Posted: 23 Sep 2015, 18:48
by Manooker

I just run testdisk for undeleting 2 ".wav" files that were created toghether by my Zoom H4N handrecorder.

So, when the program finds the files it says that both have 118928846 bytes and were created at the same time.
However when i ask for copy, only one of them is recovered. The other one creates a file with 0 bytes.
Unfortunately the most important of them is the one with no bytes at all...
When I try to copy just the one i need separately, the program takes no time to answer its done.

Thats why i believe that no real copy was done. The program creates a file with no content.
If the file was corrupted, as its an audio file i have no problem if losing up to 10 seconds of it,
I could redo the headlines of it... But there is no byte at all so I´m not able to fix headlines.

Is there any way to force the program to copy the whole 118928846 bytes, even corrupted, in order me to try to recover manualy headlines?

Re: 0bytes Copied File

Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 05:47
by cgrenier
Try PhotoRec on this disk and check if it recovers your wav file.

Re: 0bytes Copied File

Posted: 29 Sep 2015, 15:24
by Manooker
Unfortunately photorec didnt find the file i wanted.

May be its really lost. Ive just accepted.

Thank you for your atention!