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windows trash undelete

Posted: 12 Oct 2015, 08:50
by tofleplof
I recently performed a successful recovery for a client which I thought I'd share with you -- it may or may not work for you :
this person had done a thorough clean-up of her files, moved everything to the trash and emptied it before realizing she'd deleted a few hundred important ones needed for her business management. This is what I did :
- Cloned the ntfs partition to an image using ddrescue
- Used the undelete feature in TestDisk 7.0
- Copied the $RECYCLE.BIN folder to a hard drive
here comes the interesting bit :
- inside the $RECYCLE.BIN folder was another folder named S21-5....something. I copied this one back into her $RECYCLE.BIN on her windows partition
- booted back into Windows, opened the trash and prayed the files would show up... They did !!! I simply clicked 'restore all files' and that worked. I wasn't too confident it would work but thought it was worth a go.
Hope this helps someone in the future.