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Directories not listed?

Posted: 24 Jan 2016, 23:57
by SGB74
I use your software Mr. Grenier and do love it, thank you for your time and effort and those who assist you as well.

Here is my current situation. I had the testdisk application saved and running on an USB flashdrive, and I wanted to run an undelete on another flashdrive I had inserted in the system. So testdisk was able to locate the drive in question and the file as well. But for some reason it would not let me move outside of the directory to which I was running testdisk from. I wanted to save the file to my local drive, not the one i was recovering from nor the one I was running testdisk from. Is there a reason why testdisk was not able to allow me access to the other system drives to copy and save the undeleted file to.

One more thing, is there or will there be a qphotorec version available for the Linux OS?