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Recover files from ZyXEL NSA325V2

Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 12:07
by kmll
When copying files from the NAS to the Windows7 machine something went wrong and one of the folders on the NAS was delteded/corrupted. The NAZ contains two WD Red WD30EFRX 64MB 3TB 5400RPM and I am now wondering if there is some way to save the files lost? Any advise will be much appreciated!

Re: Recover files from ZyXEL NSA325V2

Posted: 27 Jun 2016, 08:02
by cgrenier
Create a Linux LiveDVD/USB (ie. Fedora)
Write the order of the disks in your NAS.
Remove the disk from your PC.
Move the disks from your NAS to your PC.
Boot your PC from the Linux LiveDVD/USB.
Check if your non-deleted files are visible.
If it's ok, add an external disk or turn your computer down and bring back your PC harddisks and boot again from the LiveDVD/USB
Run photorec (you may have to install testdisk if missing), select the NAS device as source (ie. /dev/mapper/XXX, /dev/mdX), store the recovered files on your Windows disk.