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Recover files from NFS

Posted: 28 Sep 2016, 19:59
by ruffrider
Hello all,
In the company where I work, a network storage space has been infected by a Ransomware, I would try a data recovery operation. the only way I have to work on space is the NFS mount. is there a solution to to work directly on shared space or to convert the storage space device.

Re: Recover files from NFS

Posted: 01 Oct 2016, 20:25
by cgrenier
There are 3 kinds of storage:
- DAS (Direct Attached Storage) for hard disks connected via
devices connected via USB (external disk, digital camera, thumb drive, phone...) in USB mass storage mode
- SAN (Storage Area Networks)
Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
iSCSI, mapping of SCSI over TCP/IP
- NAS (Network Attached Storage)
Windows share (CIFS/SMB)
Network File System (NFS)
Phone or digital camera in Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode (even if connected via USB)

TestDisk & PhotoRec can store recovered data on any storage available from your computer. They can recover data from DAS and SAN storage. For NAS server (QNAP, Synology...), TestDisk & PhotoRec need to run on the server itself.