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Undeleting files from android: Folder isn't showing in the mounted derectory

Posted: 01 Feb 2017, 00:34
by aagontuk
My friend has an android device which is HTC Desire 728. He accedentally removed all the files and folder from the SD Card. I was trying to recover that SD Card using Testdisk on my Archlinux. I have taken following steps:

* Mounted the device in the /mnt/usb derectory using $ jmtpfs /mnt/usb command.
* It mounded ok. I can ls to /mnt/usb/'SD Card' to browse through all the files and folders of SD Card. Though ls to internal storage gives input/output error.
* From testdisk I goto create > My Hard Disk > Intel (Detected by default) > Advanced > My Root Partition > List > browse to /mnt/usb
* There I can see only some deleted files(Red) but I couldn't find SD Card derectory there!

What is the problem? How can I solve this issue? Any help will be appreciated ! Thanks!

Here is the log file: