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Photorec recovers biiiig files

Posted: 27 Mar 2017, 14:22
by Nonsmoker
Hey :-)

I'm running photorec right now and I limited the recovery to document files. Some of the pdf-files turn out to be huge (sometimes several GB!). Why is that?


/addendum: If I stop the recovery process - is it possible to switch to a different target directory and continue afterwards (in case the target disc is full)?

/addendum2: When I got up this morning Photorec stopped as the target drive was full. I deleted some of those big files and wanted to select the same drive again. Due to the long inactivity, the drive was unmounted. I mounted it again, selected as the target destination continued with the recovery. Photorec immediately announced that the recovery was finished which is quite surprising as it previously showed that it would continue for several more days?