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Meaning of Error Message

Posted: 24 Apr 2018, 04:38
by RodLockwood
If “No file found, filesystem may be damaged.” appears, is this a lost cause, or is there still a way to recover the partition or undelete the files? I have some disks in ext4 and others in ntfs. I am using a dual boot Windows 7 / Linux Mint system.

I have looked at the one partition of interest, and there are a lot of files that go as far back as 2007. I only need the files from 2017. Is there some way to sort the files by date?

Re: Meaning of Error Message

Posted: 27 Apr 2018, 20:22
by cgrenier
Even if testdisk is unabe to list the files, it's still possible to use PhotoRec to recover your data.

Re: Meaning of Error Message

Posted: 27 Apr 2018, 21:00
by RodLockwood
Thank you. I am working against time it seems. My backup drive just stopped mounting all of a sudden. I cannot go for the whole partition as this is the largest drive I have (2 TB). Just before the accident it reported 1.5 TB used. For this drive I have to rescue the all instances of the Archives folder, if I can.

After that there is another drive that is only 500 GB. So that one I will need to use PhotoRec on. Although, I am worried that PhotoRec will not be able to recover my spreadsheets, plain text files, and EXE archives. Most of my files on the 500 GB drive are of this type.

I have a new 1 TB drive, so I am hoping to transfer all of the deleted folders/files that I can find to that first.

I have been working on a new backup plan to avoid this in the future. Plus, I need to resolve not to manage my system when I am getting tired.