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ok I think i'm screwed

Posted: 08 Sep 2018, 16:15
by ddropski
He everyone here is my situation

the other day I loged into my computer using a simple win 10 home network

and accidentally deleted a folder that had all my rar backups

Immediately I went to that computer 5 minuets later (I didn't add or remove a single file nor did I format ) and looked and the files were not in the trash can ( mabe because i deleted them through the network?)


I tried test disk but they returned corrupted ..
and if they are a multi file rar they appear like this:

bla.r01 0kb
bla.r02 0kb
bla.r03 0kb
bla.r04 0kb
bla.rar 46,399 kb

These all were working a few minuets before the delete and the hard drive was brand new ( so 100% no bad sectors - tested 1 week ago) so when I try to open or repair them i get file corrupted file or unknown format
i have tried to repair with win rar and i and tried to open them with 7zip still no luck

Can anyone please help me ?

Re: ok I think i'm screwed

Posted: 08 Sep 2018, 20:59
by cgrenier
If the rar files are really 0kb and only in this case, delete them (shift+deleted) and try PhotoRec on the free space of this partition (select the partition, Search and next [Free]).
Check the recovered rar files