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Synology file recovery 2 disk raid/SHR

Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 04:25
by stinky510

Found the testdisk and photorec software after folders and files disappearing off my Synology NAS lastweek.

Not sure what happened, the directory was renamed accidently. Upon renaming back some folders (over 200) were now not there.

An hr later the whole directory was gone so I quickly unplugged the NAS. Virus scanned all the machines accessing the NAS etc nothing found.

SInce then have booted and mounted the raid drives onto an old PC running off Ubunto boot disk (have used this before to get files from drives from the NAS)

I ran Photorec and it found 100K + files so have saved these to a usb disk.

A friend told me to try the testdisk as well. This finds the raid drives as raid or as individuals. Do a quick check etc I can list files, it lists the missing folder but its read, if you go into this it says no files found could be damaged I think it says. Can I run anything more with test disk or do we have to wade through the 2000 folders photorec has found for me? the superblock 0 appears to be found and I ran a deeper search but should this give me options at the end?

Anyhelp would be appreciated even a no you can only repair from the photorec files.

If this is the case is there further software to help organise the files?


Re: Synology file recovery 2 disk raid/SHR

Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 06:43
by cgrenier
Some tips to sort the files recovered by PhotoRec as listed in
Under Linux, you should try fsck to check and repair the filesystem.