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Hard disk restore of a deleted btrfs partition

Posted: 15 Mar 2019, 07:27
by Cameron315
I have a situation where i ended up overwriting my main ssd of the workstation. Below is the chronological order in which the system-partitions/ file-systems were created.


GPT partition with 0%-33% , 33% to 66% and 66% to 100% partitions all btrfs type. some important data was stored in this partitions ( from here on refered to as the data
I accidentally overwrote the whole disk with a new partion table and partitions , (2 to 3 times :( ) each partiton of 0 to 3% and 4% to 100% of GPT type and of FAT32 and ext4 file-systems respectively.

With the above issue at hand i am trying to restore back to GPT - btrfs partitions mentioned in point "1" above

After initial research i am trying to use the testdisk software to restore back the deleted partitions.

However upon selecting the particular partition to restore as listed below.

Re: Hard disk restore of a deleted btrfs partition

Posted: 16 Mar 2019, 08:09
by cgrenier
Using the arrow keys, you can set the partitions to recover from D(eleted) to P(rimary).
On next screen, if you have all your partitions, choose Write, confirm, Quit and restart the computer.
If files are missing from your partition, it's always possible to use PhotoRec. Be careful to store the recovered files on another disk.