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analyse functions

Posted: 23 Sep 2019, 14:24
by mesajflaviu
The first HDD read attempt is by using autodetect_arch, which call

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		disk->arch = &arch_none;
		list_part = disk->arch->read_part(disk, verbose, 0);
Further, this function (read_part) is calling static list_part_t* read_part_none, where I have found several functions: search_type_0, search_type_1, search_type_2, ...., search_NTFS_backup.

What is the scope of these functions ? I mean the code doesn't retrieve any information about my HDD, even if I know that is NTFS. Moreover, I noticed that when my code enter in search_type_2 function, I get ASSERT error:

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assert(sizeof(struct f2fs_super_block) == 3072);    // my debugger yell here