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TestDisk sees files but won’t copy

Posted: 27 Sep 2019, 15:31
by LGFernando
I have an external USB HDD that turned RAW after a Windows 10 update.
I have run TestDisk on it, did a QuickSearch and a Deeper search.
I followed the instructions to Write the partition back on the drive. After restarting the computer the drive still shows as RAW.

Now, I try to copy the files to a separate HDD. TestDisk let’s me select the files, and I find the destination okay, it tells me it is copying the files. When I look in Windows File explorer, the destination disk appears empty. But when I look at the destination disk with TestDisk, it shows me the files that were copied.

What am I missing?

Re: TestDisk sees files but won’t copy

Posted: 28 Sep 2019, 10:39
by cgrenier
Maybe it's a problem of hidden files: ... dden-files