SD-Card 8GB Unreadable

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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SD-Card 8GB Unreadable

#1 Post by Ulinho »

Dear all,

A few days ago my Android 6 SmartPhone started to have problems showing my photos in Android Gallery. Some went grey and Android started telling me that there is no more disk space left.
So I switched off my Smart Phone, unplugged Micro-SD-Card, cleaned the slot and restarted my Smart Phone. But from now on it always tells me that SD card is unreadable at all.
After that I've plugged it with an adapter (simple Micro - Normal SD Adapter) into my Win 10 Desktop PC, to backup data to my PC. This is a procedure I've already performed many times before.

But this time SD card hasn't been recognized correctly:
- it hasn't been listed in Explorer,
- just in Task Pane it has been recognized in "Removable Hardware/Media".
- Even Windows Disk Management didn't recognize it at all.

Some time later (I just left SD card plugged in as it was) it appeared that SD Card was suddenly showing up in Explorer tree.
- But when clicking on it Windows Explorer crashes and I have to end process with Task Manager.
- Also Windows Disk Management doesn't load the partition overview.

But now that it is showing up in Windows Explorer - I thought it is worth to give it a chance to try out a Recovery tool.

This is what I've already tried:

1. Windows Tool Check Disk
- CMD chkdsk f: /f
- Tool tells me that it is a RAW format Check Disk can't work with.

2. PhotoRec
- Partition has been found with correct Memory indication.
- I've selected FAT file system (not sure, but I guess this is what I need to select for SD cards?).
- Now it is reading sector, actually processing Pass 1 - but more than 200 hours elapsed time?

Or does anyone have some experience with a situation like that? Maybe PhotoRec is the wrong way - do you recommend to start with TestDisk?
Highest priority when recovering data from that SD card are some very important wedding pictures. So it is from high emotional value for me...

If there is someone out there able to help me with that - you would make me/us very happy.

Uli - Germany

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Re: SD-Card 8GB Unreadable

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Try to clone your SD card using ddrescue as described in
If it doesn't work, you should contact a data recovery company.

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