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TestDisk Stuck At 99% ?

Posted: 12 Aug 2012, 21:36
by billy
I'm trying to get my external HDD to work again and trying to use TestDisk. It's took me just over 16hrs to get the scanning stage up to 99% and now it seems stuck?

Re: TestDisk Stuck At 99% ?

Posted: 13 Aug 2012, 09:37
by Fiona
You have read errors.
It means either bad sectors or your file system is faulty (softbads).
Reading bad sectors or memory errors like softbads causes that testdisk hangs.
Please describe your situation.
Is your partition still in your partition table (need a screen shot from TestDisk and the menu "Analyse", there is a description current partition structur).
Appears your partition under windows as RAW?
Does TestDisk still lists your data, so that you can copy them?
Would it be worth to have a boot sector diagnose.

First of all in such situation it's recommended to copy/restore data to another intact disk or partition.
Then to have a try to repair file system using chkdsk /r.
Chkdsk is a utility to have a try to repair a file system and bad sectors but it's not intended to recover data.
It can make data unrecoverable.
Also check your disk using CrystalDiskInfo; ... ex-e.html/