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Difference between connection SATA <> USB

Posted: 19 Aug 2012, 14:20
by justme

Some Days ago my harddrive from my MacBook Pro (Mid 2009, 160GB, HITACHI 5K500.B-160) crashed.
Now the MacBook doesn't boot anymore. Even LiveCDs and/or the OS X Install DVD do not work.

So I bought a SATA to USB connector (ICYBOX) to connect my harddrive to another MacBook and use TestDisk.

TestDisk doesn't show an existing partition table and Quick Search shows no result (I aborted the search after 5 hours...). I tried both 6.13 and 6.14beta.

So is there a difference between connecting a harddrive via the SATA-USB-cable and connecting the drive directly to an SATA-port?

Any help or idea appreciated. Thanks!