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recover some raw images

Posted: 04 May 2021, 06:06
by WilburFrances
Trying to recover some raw images. I’m struggling with a couple of things...

after choosing the external drive it says ‘write access for this media is not available’

the files are coming up in red.

I can copy said red files into my desktop or downloads... circa 10k photos, yet when I try to find them they aren’t anywhere to be seen.

Should I use photorec instead? Is it the same process? I’m totally new to this and trying to figure it out using YouTube but I can’t find the answers to these particulars.

Please help. Posted it reddit not resolved. Please share your views on it

Re: recover some raw images

Posted: 04 May 2021, 12:03
by recuperation
Read the manual:

Check the only wikis for Testdisk and Photorec

Try to deliver a precise description.
Read the forum posts to discover the difference between a good and a bad problem description.