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External Hard Disk WD not recognized by testdisk

Posted: 04 Oct 2012, 16:59
by uncino
Hi Everybody,
hope that somebody can help me, or just say "there is nothing to do". I have an external disk WD of 500mb, that fail to be recognized in my mac, but also fails on windows systems. As last hope I tried with a live cd linux distribution Caine that is a sort of knoppix. If I use there a program called disk utility I see my external disk as a device in /dev/sdb with capacity of 0.0kb, not Partitioned. If I start testdisk no information about the drive, is not seen.
Any idea?? Is the drive gone without no possibility to see some file. The drive is not so old 3 months and it stopped to work when I tried to upload some photos and while doing it I killed the process.