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External HD Error

Posted: 16 Oct 2012, 10:02
by wantagewombat
Hello There,

I am new to all this so I apologise in advance!

Last week I had a problem with my external HD (WD MyPassport 500GB), when I connected to my PC (& tried laptop too) I got a format dialogue box saying the drive was corrupt and required formatting.

I use my HD with my PS3 (hence the FAT32 formatting) and tried plugging it into that again to see if data could be read, which it could!

I was searching though forums for a fix and came across TestDisk so thought I would follow the guide for a similar problem I found.

The problem I now have is that (I believe I did something in boot) and the drive has now decreased to 32GB showing only boot files (I believe).

Please help me get my data back, there was nearly 300GB of important work on there :(

Re: External HD Error

Posted: 19 Oct 2012, 11:17
by wantagewombat

Is anyone able to help please? I am desperate! :(

Thank you in advance.