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My 8GB USB stick will only format to 8MB in Windows ...

Posted: 24 Oct 2012, 12:11
by DeepCut

I have an 8GB USB stick that Windows insists has a capacity of 8MB all of a sudden.

I have tried using Gparted and a few other tools with no success.

I know that the CHS should be 16383-16-63 with a sector size of 512.

I have changed the geometry in TestDisk to reflect the above CHS.

I then wrote the MBR code to the stick.

I unplug the stick, then plug it back in.

I skip Windows offer to format it.

I run TestDisk and the stick is back to 8MB.

The stick is around 2 months old, is it dead or is there anything i can do ?

Thank you,