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Question for partition recover of Mac

Posted: 12 Dec 2012, 03:26
by davidzharp
Dear All,

I'm Mac user and OSX version is 10.8.2. Added I'm very first time for using Testdisk.
I am using my Mac for work with 3TB removable hard disk drive formatted Mac OSX extended journal..
My removable HDD was divided 3 partitions per 1TB.
Recently, I had accident of disappear one of removable HDD partitions in Finder.
In that partition, so many important data are in there for my work.
Executed Disk utility which is Mac application utility, disappeared partition is displayed grey color which means unmounted as already you know.
So I tried verify and repair partition in 'Disk utility'App and displayed massage 'The volume is appeared OK'. However that partition also cannot be mounted.

My question is how I can recover my removeable HDD used Testdisk. I cannot find the instruction for Mac OSX extended journal formatted HDD.
So please let me know the possiblity of my HDD recovery and reccomended instruction for using Testdisk.


Re: Question for partition recover of Mac

Posted: 15 Jul 2013, 20:54
by wpguser
Hi David,
I am in almost an identical position with partition data lost after a the chip board on the MyBook essential burnt out.
Were you successful in recovering the partitions? If so how, and how long did it take?