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Help 1tb wd portable hd fail.

Posted: 09 Jan 2013, 12:38
by kaito
The WD My Passport 1tb WDBACX0010BBK-00 was working fine until a few days ago my brother didnt use safely remove hardware and turn off the computer. It was plugged and nothing happened. I tried it on multiple computers with the same results.

The Symptoms :

Searches for drivers when plugged in. Ends up as follows :
USB Mass Storage Device ..................... X Ready to use
WD My Passport 0730 USB Device ............X Failed
WD SES Device USB Device ................... X Failed
Does not show up in My Computer.
Does not show up in Disk Management.

Steps taken :

Installed WD SES Driver. No luck.
Disabled the SES from the Device Manager (takes forever) then re-enabled it. Now :
I still can't see it in My Computer.
I can see it in Disk Management (Unallocate) but it shows as 134217727.97 GB (I wish!!!), and not initialized. Attempts to initialize it fail.
WD utilities (Firmware updater and WD Smartware) see it, but ask for a password. I have never set a password.
Now im using testdisk but i dont know it is working or not bc it is hard to tell.