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dead Iomega® Home Media Network Hard Drive?

Posted: 03 Feb 2013, 17:28
by Howitzer
I have a dead Iomega® Home Media Network Hard Drive (older non-cloud version) ... rtner=4760

I have been using my 1TB Home Media Network Hard Drive for over three years now with very little troubles. I have a Samsung SMART TV that we have been flawlessly using connected to a switch which then connects to our Gateway, then to the HMNHD. Our desktop PC has been accessing the drive no problem for years.

I updated to the latest firmware (2.104) and then I learned about the Bit Torrent Download Manager. I added a .torrent file to the Active Folder and it was downloading just fine, then it seemed to have bricked up... help!!! I have done a reset with a paperclip and reset to factory defaults... still no access... ??

I extracted the drive and put it in a USB external hard drive case and I have been trying to recover the XFS Linux partition with TestDisk with no luck... any advice would be great. I can post the results of the log file and screen shots if needed, Thanks!

Re: dead Iomega® Home Media Network Hard Drive?

Posted: 09 Feb 2013, 06:01
by Howitzer
I decided to give "Raise Data Recovery for XFS" a go... cost me about $27 but I think it's worth it. The software appears to be recovering the data just fine, though it is really slow (I've been recovering data for two days now!!)... Comments anyone?

Re: dead Iomega® Home Media Network Hard Drive?

Posted: 10 Feb 2013, 15:23
by Fiona
Most media network disks using xfs file system.
If you already tried datarecovery software to no avail, then it might be advisable to put it back into your case/enclosure and have another btry to recover your data.