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Partitions RAW, testdisk hangs, want to recover daya

Posted: 10 Feb 2013, 23:59
by Wolfdawg
The only plausible reasons for the problems with this 500gb 7200rpm hard drive, is it got too cold. (as low as 5c)
Anyway, I've bought a new 1tb hard drive and just want to recover my data.

The problem is....the partitions are VERY slow to load in Windows 7 and show up as raw
(EASEUS is hanging)
The partitions were accessible 2 weeks ago in windows XP before I bought this 1tb (with the drive clicking if I were on it and using too much data at once), but I made the mistake of letting the hard drive getting cold again, now its as I said.

The drive is still working, at boot it loads a few windows files before freezing and its not clicking.

So how can I use testdisk to copy the data to my new 1tb drive, without formatting the destination disk. So I can trash the old 500gb.
Test disk hangs at "please wait" after selecting log settings.