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How do I use Testdisk...

Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 04:09
by oregondave79 read an internal drive connected to my laptop via a SATA/USB cable?
Here is the situation.
My laptop runs Vista and originally had a Seagate 250 GB drive. One day the password changed itself, I don't know how, and I used a password recovery program which did not work in this instance. I then tired the Vista repair option with the install disk and that made it worse and now the operating system is not recognized when I turn the laptop on.
I have tried a "partial reinstall" of Vista but the files will load and then nothing - no options for repair, just a blank screen.
I now have a new drive and reinstalled Vista and, with the exception of another password failure and recovery, it seems to be fine.
Here is the question -
I have connected the old drive to the laptop via a SAT/USB cable and cannot "read" the drive. I have Testdisk on my new drive and it will read the current disk and my other external hard drives - but not the original Seagate. I simply want to recover any data/files/photos I can from the old drive.
Can TestDisk help me to recover those files?