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Overwrite Linux partition with Windows?

Posted: 19 Mar 2013, 00:00
by tf8252
I have a 250gig (Ultra ATA) Buffalo Linkstation ... B0002ICEIQ onto which I installed a Linux Debian
OS. I was using this for years as a media server.

The "Linkstation" has died and now I have the internal hard drive (Seagate ST325082) ... Technology installed into a drive enclosure ... /EC-UEIS7/.

Windows 7 "sees" the drive in disk management
but doesn't assign a drive to it and won't "explore" it.

I've tried to boot my laptop from a Ubuntu CD or Ubuntu off a USB drive but my PC
won't boot for some reason.

I'm hoping I can use TestDisk to make the files on this drive (assorted documents, images, videos, etc) accessible
again. Ideally if I can still use this hard drive in the new enclosure as a back up this would be great.

Any tips on how to use TestDisk to make this hard drive readable again via Windows 7?

Re: Windows 7 Can't Read Drive

Posted: 20 Mar 2013, 15:49
by tf8252
This is what structure looks like in TestDisk