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Re: trying to recover windows ntfs disk from xen hba / lvm v

Posted: 24 Apr 2013, 19:34
by Fiona
Nope, until yet, I didn't get any image.
You'll get my email address via PM.
It's a marvellous thing to get an image so that I can test it.
Either it's a suggestion to Christophe Grenier as a new feature, or I'll get a solution and it will help other users.



Re: trying to recover windows ntfs disk from xen hba / lvm v

Posted: 29 Apr 2013, 02:49
by Lito
Hi there, this thread has gone very quiet.
I hope Fiona finds a solution.
In the meantime I found this link and will post here. It might be of help. ... en-howtos/

About the vhd files showing different sizes depending on the programme you run against them,
could be due to the fact that they have been created using a sparse filesystem.
You can try and fix that first. That way might be Test Disk can identify them as an image/disk.

Also it may or may not make any difference, but the vhd files recovered in the example
provided at the beginning, were recovered using TestDisk, not PhotoRec.
The difference if any, I think is that from TestDisk you copy the whole of the vhd file, from within
the file structure of your disk, but from PhotoRec you might recover large chunks or fragments.
If you are lucky you pull a large file intact. ... vhd-files/

Running TestDisk against a clone of your disk (s) perhaps would be a way to better results.

Best of luck