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howto select correct option from menu

Posted: 29 Apr 2013, 19:23
by blitzgeist
Can someone please advise as to the exact selection I should make to recover one folder containing text files from desktop.
I ran a search and in total it has run for 20 hours with yet another 76hours remaining??
How can this be possible for a disk containing approx 30gb of data?? :(

Now running for 48 hours and showing 181 hours + remaining

Can someone please advise .
This cannot be right :( :( :( :(

Re: howto select correct option from menu

Posted: 30 Apr 2013, 12:45
by Lito
You could try running PhotoRec (or TestDisk) from a Linux CD/DVD as the one
recommended in this page:

There is also Ubuntu-rescue-remix as described here:

Another choice, could be Fedora

and there is a long list of other options.

If running from Windows, run the programme As Administrator.

Do not run from the same disk you are trying to recover.

Have plenty of storage space for the files you are trying to save.

As the screen shot you uploaded reads: Press "s" to disable al file families,..."
Then select the families that you are after. Like in your case, text files or from
that family (for instance txt, ram, cgi, log, etc).
That wil make the programme work faster.

If running from Linux, run the programme as root.
To run as root, open a shell and type:

sudo -s

If you chose the Fedora security spin, type

su -

In either case you can follow that with


to start running the programme

Best of luck

Re: howto select correct option from menu

Posted: 30 Apr 2013, 19:46
by Fiona
If you open File Opt in PhotoRec you can press s to deselect all file types.
Then you're able to select a single file type like txt.
PhotoRec will only recover activated file types.
Also, I have no idea why a scan is so slow?
Did you get read errors and I have no idea about the size of your disk either?
In some cases the undelete feature in TestDisk was helpful, but I'm not able to judge your situation because I've no information.


Re: howto select correct option from menu

Posted: 30 Apr 2013, 21:39
by blitzgeist
Approx 30GB total used space of which no more than 1GB txt files.
Running now 8 hours 210 files recovered 23 hours remaining. No read errors. Multiple virus warnings from AVG.