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Recovery GPT partitions

Posted: 25 May 2013, 15:05

I had Windows 7 with a GPT partition. I tried to install Windows 8, I do in advanced mode, and I found 5 partitions:
- Partition system (200mb)
- Partition Microsoft (128mb) : What it is ?
- Partition OS
- Partition DATA
- Partition Recovery

I delete the partition System , OD and DATA. After I tried to install on the free space and I found an error message : Windows 8 can't be install on GPT partition.

I close this and after, I tried to boot on my Recovery partition for backup Windows 7 but I can't boot on my disk, it's not available in boot option.

I try to restore deleted partition using TestDisk. I launch it, GPT partition, quick search. It start to search and quickly (less than 1 minute), it found 4 partition : SYSTEM, OS, DATA, Recovery. But I have Analyse cylinder : 121601/121601 : 100% but I can't do anything, I just have the Stop option but I can make Enter, nothing happens. The activity LED of the disk is still blinking.
I can't do a deeper search.

What can I do ?

Thank you for your great job!