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Recovering a Simpletech NAS drive

Posted: 31 Jul 2013, 14:13
by lostinspace
I have a Simpletech Simpleshare 250GB NAS. I have general PC knowledge but I am not used to getting into the guts of the system, so I need so simple instructions on how to recover the data on this disk. It seems that the board on the NAS has died and these disks seems to have an unusual structure. I have removed the drive from the NAS and analyzed it with Testdisk. I see the following partition information:
Linux SWAP 2________0_ 0__3_______0__0_18__________16
ReiserFS 3.6________62_63_14___30401_78_25___487396992
Linux md 0.9 RAID___62_63_14___30401_80_27___487397120

Can anyone help me?