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Partition recovery or filesystem damaged?

Posted: 01 Apr 2012, 20:46
by pinkmaggit27
Hey everyone, first I should say english is not my first language so Im going to try to explain my problem but forgive me is there are words I dont spell them right. Ok so I have an external hard drive ADATA Nobility NH92 that when RAW, I think it was cuz I pull the plug sudenly. So anyway I heard about testdisk and I could see all my files are there (thank god), and I tried to fix the partition following the tutorial on the site but no luck. I saw in some other topic that when partion seems ok then probably the filesystem is the one with the problem. I got some images from what I was able to do, will post them and the end.

I need to say that I have no idea how to use the program or what steps should I follow since I dont know anything about complex computer stuff, so any help will be greatly appreciate it. Oh and Im using photorec to recover my files since getdataback froze at the end and didnt get any of my files back. Anyway take care and thanks :-)

The second one is my broken drive ... isk1r.png/ ...

When I open the drive I get this

I made a quick search and a deep search and I got this

url= ...

After I did the deep search the NO NAME disappeared and only got the MERLIN one

And I click on it and again I got this ...

Sorry about the images, is just that I dont know how to post them. And finally I used photorec to recover my files, I think I got all but some avi movies and specially the word docs are damaged, is there a solution for this?.

Anyway thanks for your time, have a great weekend :-)

Re: Partition recovery or filesystem damaged?

Posted: 02 Apr 2012, 10:03
by remy
Did you use option "WRITE" after detection, to confirm you choice of rewriting partition table with "MERLIN" ?

If this doesn't work, you may also copy from testdisk the file you wants in another place

Re: Partition recovery or filesystem damaged?

Posted: 07 Apr 2012, 10:22
by pinkmaggit27
Thanks for answering, about the WRITE option I think I tried it, what I did was this

1. Run Testdisk then select Create, although I have read that is better to use No Log while I found the problem.
2. Select the damage Hard Drive ADATA
3. Select Intel
4. Analyse
5. Testdisk looking for partitions, salect yes
6. Then I have the *FAT32 LBA partition and select WRITE
7. Reboot, but nothing happends, I mean I cant acces my data. Windows recognises the j: but no name (MERLIN)

Anyway I also tried this

1. Execute Testdisk
2. I clicked on CREATE
3. Selected the hard drive ADATA, clicked on proceed
4. Select Intel
5. Select Advanced
6. Select Boot
7. And I get this


I really dont know what to do next, or even the meaning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And again thanks for responding.

Re: Partition recovery or filesystem damaged?

Posted: 08 Apr 2012, 14:56
by remy
If "WRITE" doesn't change the MBR, it's probably because you have a hardware fault on your disk => Bad sector, preventing to write.

When you've found the partition "MERLIN" were you able to list files with "P" ? If yes, did you try to copy it from testdisk to another destination ?

Solution may be to copy your faulty drive on another one, new, with bit/bit copy tools like ddrescue (under gnu/linux). Then you'll be able to write changes.

Re: Partition recovery or filesystem damaged?

Posted: 15 Apr 2012, 09:50
by pinkmaggit27
I am able to list my files.

I got this when I select P


But on the red ones every time I wanna see something inside it tells me this


When I Rebuild the BS I got this


Then I choose WRITE and I got this


Now the first time I used Advanced - Boot I got this


After I used the rebuild the bs, The third sector is gone, I mean it doesnt say anything about it, now I got this


I dont know what else to do, or if its even something to do. Again I got some files from photorec but many are damaged specially family videos and photos. I read in some other thread that I can make an disk image to get some files, is that right?

Anyway thanks for answering again. Take care :-)

Re: Partition recovery or filesystem damaged?

Posted: 15 Apr 2012, 11:27
by remy
You have too do a copy of your disk because it's damaged, then work on this copy, but you already have made a checkdisk and it's possible it corrupt also some files. If your partition is readable but partially, it's because the MFT is corrupted. I don't know if testdisk will be able to repair such a case (try repair MFT only if your MFT mirroir loogs good) but you have to do that on a safe media.