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Partition recovery failed

Posted: 07 Sep 2013, 09:18
by specialist
Hello everybody
I am getting desparate!

I have a 3TB seagate which consisted of 2 Partions - appr 1TB and 2TB. As the 2 TB was getting full I resized under Win7 the 1TB by approx 200GB - and then realized that my basic partitions where now dynamic and that the 2.2TB partition consisted of 2 parts and as I tried to consolidate this into one I deleted the partition alltogether.
Since then I have only given that unallocated space the drive name r: again but not done anything else.

Now all attempts with testdisk failed, as I receive this disturbing error message...

And so even I do see that testdisk is detecting the deleted partitions, I dont know how to the recover them...

What shall I do?

Many thanks for any help

a destroyer specialist

Re: Partition recovery failed

Posted: 12 Sep 2013, 10:21
by cgrenier
It will help to have the results displayed on the next screen.
If you really think it's your missing partition, in the Geometry menu, force the number of cylinders to 380743, restart an Analyse, Quick Search, use 'p' to list the content of each partitions. This way you should be able to see if the partition is really ok.