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Recover Files to External Drive

Posted: 15 Oct 2013, 00:53
by guitarwizard93
I'll start by saying I'm not very familiar with any of this so please be patient, and I apologise if this has already been answered somewhere but I don't think I know the correct terminology to search effectively...

I'm trying to recover some deleted files from my old MacBook, which only has a 120GB drive. The disk image that it's created is bigger than I can store, after clearing as much space as I can. Ideally I'd like to recover the files to my 500GB external drive, but I can't see a way to do this?

If I plug my external drive in before launching Testdisk, it assumes I want to recover from that drive, and the MacBook's drive is no longer on the "Select a media" menu as it is when the external drive isn't plugged in.

Can some (as basically as possible) explain how I can select my external drive as my "where to store the file image"?

Thanks in advance