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TD(TestDisk) failing to repair External HDD

Posted: 05 Nov 2013, 04:37
by pikkles
1. External WD HD Passport appears in windows as a drive.
2. Clicking on it warns that the drive not formatted properly and whether i should proceed to format it.

3. I used both TestDisk and iCARE data recovery which both show that the files are still available (some of which i have already transferred) - iCARE shows these as RAW files (but still accessible).

4. I run the standard TestDisk processes (analyze, scan, write, re-start) which has made the drive available to the system without the format prompt however when i enter the WD HD Passport folder there are no files/folders. It appears empty. Windows sees my external HDD as empty (100 percent free space).

5. More TD and iCARE scans show all the data is still present.

6. I run a Western Digital Diagnostic tool and the drive appears to have no errors or problems. Chkdsk also throws up no problems.

7. TD says both the boot sector and and back-up are OK and identical however when i click on repair MFI it states: MFT and MFT mirror are bad: Failed to Repair them...

8. I have tried to repair the partition with TestDisk and iCARE but after both saying it has successfully completed i still cannot access the data.