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How to Recover 1st Partition of Formatted HDD?

Posted: 13 Nov 2013, 12:46
by idenight
How to Recover 1st Partition of Formatted HDD by “Create a Recovery Drive” Tool of Windows 8.1?

I have 2 TB USB HDD which had these drives

F: about 1 TB with 750 GB data
H: about 120 GB with 60 GB data
I: about 780 GB with 250 GB data (For TV: It was raw in Windows but visible in the Smart TV)

I took 521 MB from last part of H to get new G drive. Then I run "Create a Recovery Drive" tool of Windows 8.1 and chose G drive. It said all data in the drive will be deleted. I thought it is just G drive but it deleted my whole HDD. It created 32 GB new F drive with writing 337 MB on it and rest of HDD is unallocated.

TestDisk with deep search shows me new F drive and my other old drives but how can I see my old F drive which had 750 GB data?