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RAW disk at windows - MBR ok, MFT ok

Posted: 24 Nov 2013, 10:10
by tool99
I got external hard drive with one partition of 1Tb, widows detect it as a raw FS
I have run test disk in both quick search and deep search - i can see the partition and the files (with P)
i have write it again and see that both MBR and boot are OK
reboot the computer - but still RAW FS in windows

no where to recover boot from...

What else can i do?


Re: REW disk at windows - MBR ok, MFT ok

Posted: 24 Nov 2013, 12:37
by Fiona
Probably you mean RAW instead of REW?
RAW only means that your partition is available but not formatted.
Often in datarevovery if the boot sector or file system are damaged can lead to the such results, that a partition appears as RAW.
Either a boot secor recovery or file system recovery like chkdsk might help?
Befor you run any chkdsk, you should copy/backup your data first, because chkdsk can modify your file system and make your situation worse!
You can copy/backup your data using testdisk, if testdisk lists your data.
Did you check your boot sector using testdisk and the menu advanced/boot?


Re: RAW disk at windows - MBR ok, MFT ok

Posted: 25 Nov 2013, 09:25
by tool99
Hi Fiona

Thanks for answering!
It RAW - ;)
I tired to check the boot sector and it was OK
Now I am backing my data using Testdisk and after that i will format it