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Posted: 09 Jan 2014, 23:56
by sokotica

I have a basic question. I need to recover a partition created on an UEFI-secure boot windows 8 laptop, deleted by system rescue linux. The partition is NTFS formated.

I guess I should I select it as an EFI/GPT partition, not as an Intel/PC partition under testdisk dialog as explained here

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Re: Partition_table_type_question

Posted: 13 Jan 2014, 08:55
by Fiona
I've no idea about your current OS.
If windows disk management console reports your disk as GPT, you should use EFI/GPT.
If it's reported as Basic/MBR you can use Intel.
Windows often reports a GPT-disk false.
You can control it through right clicking into the left small square on your affected disk in your disk management console.
If there is an option like convert to basic, you know that you have a GPT disk.
If there is the option convert to GPT, you know that you have an Intel-MBR-disk.
Until yet you shouldn't change anything as long as you're not sure.
It's only intended to determine your partition table type, so that you know exactly what kind of partition table type you can use.
Normally testdisk finds it automatically.
But if you use another pc, you, it might be necessary to choose the right partition table type.


Re: Partition_table_type_question

Posted: 13 Jan 2014, 23:08
by sokotica
Many thanks Fiona.

Testdisk did find it automatically.