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NTFS delated partition can't be written

Posted: 02 Feb 2014, 16:13
by averino
Hello everybody,

I made a mistake delating a NTFS partition of my WD USB storage HD (about 2TB of capacity). This partition was created and has been delated without create any other partition from Windows 7 O/S (i can see the empty space on the disk).

I immediately found my delated partition by using testdisk 6.14, i can see the files list, but if i try to WRITE the partition... the software can't write it... it returns me a WRITE ERROR.

What i have to do to write it? What is missing?

PS I'm performing a copy of my file for now, but is better for me to recovery my partition.

Thanks alot for your help!

Re: NTFS delated partition can't be written

Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 07:16
by Fiona
Any backgroundprocess like antivirus and internetsecurity can prevent testdisk from writing your partition table.
Please use msconfig to disable processes from startup.
Check windows services, check hide windows sevices and disable the leftover also.
Also check your disk in your disk management console.
Is your disk initialized?
Initializing your disk using windows (since w2k) writes a 4 byte signature into your MBR/partition table so that windows can use it!
In some cases it was necessary to initialize the disk before writing a partition table or to register a partition in your partition table.

Did you get any read errors during the scan?