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I cannot access my external hard drive

Posted: 01 Mar 2014, 22:10
by Tallmale
Hi everyone,

I purchased a new Imeoga external hard drive about a year ago which was working successfully for many months until I mistakenly unplugged it directly from the computer without safely ejecting first. Now the Imeoga external hard drive is not showing up at all in the "My Computer" section of my computer and I need to recover valuable files on the external disk.

I have read a lot about the success of Testdisk but I am unsure exactly how to go about recovering my files. On one website it gave instructions which I followed and Testdisk then ran a scan to "Analyse Cylinders". It has now completed this scan after two full days and I am not unsure what to do next.

The options available are:

1) Keys A : Add Partition
2) L : Load Back up
3) Enter to Continue

Can anyone give me advice about what steps I should take after the Analyse Cylinders scan is completed?

Many thanks.