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Help with changing the partition type

Posted: 22 Mar 2014, 07:16
by samnz

One of my hard drive partition (out of 2 partitions) disappeared, and using Testdisk I backed up the files safely.
After Analyse, it said,
"space conflict between the following two partitions partitions
partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xaa55"

I did a quick search, selected the partition and "Write" to it.
After confirming, and before rebooting I did a Analyse and it said, "no bootable partitions found". So I was scared to reboot.
Now did a quick search and selected the Recovery partition to '*' type and OS partition to 'P'.

At present it looks like this-
At Quick search it shows this-

HDD Partition was the missing partition.

What should the partition type should I check for the missing partition and other partitions ?
Any help is very much appreciated.