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How should testdisc be run, when "no partition is bootable"?

Posted: 12 Apr 2014, 13:41
by Hielscher
I've got a question, how to continue with the "quick search" of testdisc.
I started the quick search option of testdisc on an external hard-drive after testdiscs notification "no partition bootable". On the hard-drive is one partition, formally encrypted with "TrueCrypt" but now not reachable with the instructions of the "TrueCrypt" program.
Quick search offered me the following options:
A) add partition (I don't want to add a new partition therefor this option seems to be not the right one for me.)
L) load backup (I've saved virtually important information in a backup, but not the whole volume and I want to retrieve
the data on this hard-drive hence I don't want to choose this option either.)
Enter to continue - what will happen when I press "Enter"?
Thanks for your help!