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Promise Pegasus suddenly blank

Posted: 08 May 2014, 16:37
by arnevr

We have a Promise Pegasus R6 with 6x3TB Seagate harddisks in RAID6 connected via Thunderbold to Mac Book Pro with Maverick.

At some point, suddenly all files were gone. Since this happened instantly I guess this must be a genre index table that became corrupted. All indicates that all is fine.

I've seen similar stories with Maverick and Western Digital drivers/utilities. I've not seen solutions.

Searching, I came across TestDisk. I already did a first run but can't make to much out of it. The drives are detected, HPFS+ and EFI detected and so on.

Any direction into my next step. We did try a file rescue which resulted in a bunch of strangely named and partially recovered files. I am pretty sure this is not going to be the solution. It will be recovery of an index/partition or nothing I'm afraid. But maybe I am wrong ...

Thanks for any suggestion,