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May have already been covered

Posted: 23 Jul 2014, 20:16
by Es0terin
Alright so I had been working on other computers came back to get my media center working with new Video capture card. When i booted computer my second 4TB hard drive was missing one of its partitions, my DVR partition was fine but my other storage partition had disappeared. Well did some reading and found this program in the AnandTech forums. Have run it in Windows 7 Home Premium x64 as administrator. When I use TestDisk, it recognizes all files I can interact with all folders and all files seem to be there but I can not get it to be recognized by Windows, after last attempt to write partition it now shows in disk management as unnamed unlettered Healthy (Active, Primary Partition). included is what I assume is the log file since I don't know where they are stored. Thank you for help.